Creative studio.
And so much more.

Södra Esplanaden – Creative Studio is a workplace situated in the heart of Lund. Our idea is based upon being our own entrepreneurs and at the same time having the advantage of joining forces. Currently this building houses 21 people working within the field of communication. We exchange ideas and collaborate in different projects. Are you interested in joining us? We are certainly interested in you.

This is what we do

Photo and film

Editorial photo and movies that capture a moment or document a project. Or animations that explain, sell and build brands. Have a chat with a filming photographer or a design agency – without leaving the building.


A single text, editorials or a concept for content marketing; in our editorial pot you’ll find writers, editors and translators who are passionate about the power of words and stories that engage, in all channels.

Graphic Design

From visual identities and concepts to print layout and web design; this building hosts a strategic design agency as well as a web agency. Besides doing great work stuff together, these people are a very friendly crowd.


Digital business development and brand strategy for increased profitability or PR for social affairs. We are proud to present trained strategists within different fields of expertise, all with the same commitment to pushing change and creating results.


Strategy, Programming, Web Design, Creative Content, Searchability and Social Media. Our experts in digital nerding make it all understandable and valuable; from pre-trial to ready-made mobile sites; or maybe even an app.

Packaging Design

Let’s move on to another field; the monitoring of consumer behaviour, trends and materials. Within these walls you find Industry Designers, Packaging Developers and CMF professionals who create holistic product experiences and develop your packages; from an idea in its cradle to a final product.

This is who we are

Anders Lenhoff

Producer & director


Carolin Frick

Art director & illustratör

Lönegård & Co

Cecilia Höglund

Art Director & Graphic designer

Cecilia Höglund AB

David Folkesson

D Folkesson Consulting AB

Erik Gerdtsson


Felix Holmgren

Interstellar AB

Henrik Skog

Grafisk formgivare

Jacob Edgren

Art director

Stora Söder Design

Jennie Frank Bergman


Karolina Hjertonsson

Freelance editor and translator

Lars Wirtén

Contentproducer & Communicator

Wirtén Content Agency

Lasse Johansson



Malin Sjöberg

Projektledare & redaktör

Lönegård & Co

Petter Lönegård

Illustratör & art director

Lönegård & Co

Rosman Jahja

Senior Consultant

Den Cyklande Sjöjungfrun AB